Types of Virtual Reality Capture Methods That Allow You To Replicate The Real World

GoPro Fusion 360 camera in comparison with Gear360 (v2017)

We desperately need to have amazing content for virtual reality to go mainstream. How to create virtual reality content is probably one of the most important questions of this time. There are several ways how to do it. One way of doing this is by using computer software (Unity, Unreal or CryEngine) to create it. Created content is imaginary and is usually used to build VR games. But what about if we want to capture the real world? In this blog post, we will look at some of the virtual reality capture methods. These will allow you to create virtual reality replicas of the real world.

VR/AR is Not Going Anywhere

Since Virtual Reality (and other Immersive technologies i.e. Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality – VR/AR and MR) came down from seeming obscurity to the flaming tech hype train some are asking themselves, is this for real or a gimmick. We have been excited by 3D TV back in the day. It’s not that far ago even. …

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