Ready to get started?

Getting started?

Get going for $99 / month.

Get started with immersive VR training and help employees learn and realistically practice skills from any location in the world.

What is included?

Unlimited experiences
Up to 3 editors (users who can edit content)
Up to 25 trainees (users who can only view content)
Up to 20 GB of storage
Up to 100 GB of bandwidth per month
Woman calculating costs and pricing to bring VR training into her organization

Need more?

Add +$24 / month after that.

If you’re ready to expand your immersive training program you can easily increase your number of users, storage, or your bandwidth.

What do you get for every extra 24 USD?

1 extra editor
25 extra trainees
10 GB of extra storage
50 GB of extra bandwidth per month

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FAQ – Pricing

Do you offer educational or non-profit discounts?

Yes, we do. Please contact sales ( to learn more about it.

How many users I can add if I go with the starting subscription?

You can add a total of 28 users. 3 of those can be editors and 25 of those can be trainees. Editors are able to create and view content while trainees can only view content.

Can I add and remove users anytime?

Yes, you can add and remove users anytime. You just can’t go over the user limit on your selected subscription.

If I want to train 100 people how much that would cost me?

To train 100 concurrent trainees you would need to add 75 more trainee user spots on top of the 25 trainees that come with your starting subscription.

Do you offer on premise deployment?

Yes, we do offer on-premise deployment. Please contact sales ( to learn more about it.

Want to know more?

If you have any specific pricing questions you are always welcome to contact us through If you want to know more about what Viar360 deos please visit out product page.