Viar360 is the most intuitive cinematic VR publishing platform, that drastically reduces time, knowledge, and effort required to create highly engaging interactive VR experiences with no coding involved. No matter your technical knowledge or industry, you can now create your own VR story in a matter of minutes.

Start your 14-day free trial today. Single user account available for the time of the trial.

  • Unlimited publishing
  • Storage: 100 GB (add more: +10 GB = $1)
  • Bandwidth: 1 TB (add more: +10 GB = $2)
  • Users:(add more: +1 user = $2)
  • Easy online embedding and sharing
  • Advanced analytics with heatmaps
  • Same day email support

See our discounted plans for Education & Non-Profits.


Common questions and answers about pricing.

How much does Viar360 costs?

Viar360 costs $299 per month. It comes with 1 TB of bandwidth, 100 GB of storage, and 3 users. If you need more storage, bandwidth or users, the pricing might increase:

  • Storage: +10 GB = $1
  • Bandwidth: +10 GB = $2
  • Users: +1 user = $2

What if I use more than 1 TB of bandwidth?

You will be warned if you come close to your monthly limit. You can add more bandwidth to your account (+10 GB for $2).

What happens if I cancel my subscription / account?

If you cancel your subscription, your stories will remain in your account, but they will no longer be accessible to the public.

If you cancel your account, your stories will be saved in your account for a limited time.