How to add 3D objects into a 360 video or image?

If you are in virtual reality space, then you know that there are two ends of a spectrum when it comes to VR content creation. One one side we have computer-generated VR content (CGI) that is using 3D models to create VR experiences. CGI gives you a lot of interaction options, but it’s hard to develop, and high-quality 3D objects are expensive. On the other side we have cinematic virtual reality, where we can use 360 videos and images to create very realistic scenes, but with limited interaction. High quality 360 videos and images are not as expensive to make thanks to 360 cameras that are on the market today. But have you ever wanted to use 3D objects in your 360 videos or images? Well, with Viar360 and Google Poly you are not able to!

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Google Poly gives you access to 3D objects

Google Poly lets you quickly find 3D objects and scenes for you to use, and it was built from the ground up with AR and VR development in mind. It’s fully integrated with apps like Tilt Brush and Blocks, and it also allows direct OBJ file upload, so there’s a lot to discover and use. Whether you’re creating an intense space walk in VR or a serene garden of AR flowers, you’ll find the ingredients you need in Poly.

Found a robot you like, but need it with four arms instead of two? Blocks is the latest of several design tools that work inside VR. It’s similar to Oculus’ sculpting app Medium and complementary to Google’s popular Tilt Brush 3D painting tool. Since you can export art from both Tilt Brush and Blocks, you can even use them together. The art style looks very different, though. Where Tilt Brush gives the illusion of sculpting with light and paint, Blocks seems to fit best with the colorful low-poly art style that Google uses in its Daydream VR interface.

In any case, with Google Poly and Google Blocks, you can now find, mix, or create from scratch any 3D object you might need in your virtual reality experience.

Viar360 allows you to place 3D models into your 360 scene

We build Viar360 because we wanted to enable people with limited technical skills to build VR experiences. We wanted to help teachers, journalists, and other creatives all over the world build their own virtual worlds. We’ve decided to first focus on 360 videos and images as they give you the ability to create beautiful VR scenes. But 3D objects were always in our minds. We always wanted to merge the world of 360 and 3D under one roof. This is something that was just not possible … until now! We are proud to announce that you can now embed 3D models within 360 videos and photospheres on Viar360. The feature is still in beta stage, but the short video below will show you how this is done.