• Small L&D team discussing how to build engaging training content

How To Build Engaging Training Content With A Small L&D Team

An important side effect of our fast-moving society is that micro and informal learning content is proliferating just as quickly inside your organization as it is outside. The good thing about technological progress is that today it's not necessary to have a large L&D team to create engaging training content that your employees will love. Whatever format you decide to use, just keep a few basic principles in mind to create engaging learning and development content.

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  • A Millenial holding a smartphone

Millennials: Best Ways To Train The Digital Native Generation

Millennials are changing the workplace, and they are doing so in large numbers. Born between 1980 and 2000, millennials are now the largest portion of workers, and they demand a different workplace than the generations before them. Millennials aren’t much on loyalty to an organization. They often prefer electronic communication to face time. They value work/life balance, and they want to work for companies they like as consumers.

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  • Customer service agent heling two customers in a caffe

Customer Service Training With Virtual Reality

Customer service is a company’s opportunity to connect with customers, solve problems, and show they care. And when customer service is executed well, it can resonate with customers for years to come. That’s why training your customer support team is just as important (if not more) as training your marketing or sales teams.

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How To Implement VR Into Your Day-To-Day Business Operations?

The age of virtual reality is here. VR became "the next best thing" a long time ago, and it reaches new peaks every day. As this phenomenal technology develops, more and more industries use it in various fields. Using VR for business purposes is a novelty that is gaining popularity, and this idea is attractive to many companies.

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Sales Training In Virtual Reality

Corporate training has gone a long way from static and linear training to a dynamic and immersive training that VR has to provide. By placing a trainee in an environment where they feel that they’re actually around customer was found to be widely more successful than learning content off a slide or a brochure.

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  • Construction worker has an accident that could be prevented with good OSHA training

OSHA Training In Virtual Reality

Company safety training courses are traditionally delivered in nonengaging ways, such as via individual web-based training or classroom-style presentations, often proving ineffective. Today, however, new advancements in technology are changing this and the entire face of corporate training programs.

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Attracting Talent Through Innovative Training Programs

Companies that seek to attract top talent should start considering innovative learning and development opportunities as a way of reinforcing their employer brand and their recruitment strategy. In such a competitive job market like the one we have right now, the best candidates choose employers that invest in employees.

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The Importance Of VR In Healthcare

With everything that has been said so far, we can safely conclude that virtual reality has a bright future in the field of medicine. There are many reasons why VR is perfect for on-the-job training, especially in healthcare.

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Avoid Injuries By Using Virtual Reality Training

Ever since the first VR simulator was used for the training of pilots, teaching strategies have been continuously trying to incorporate virtual reality. Its popular use in gaming shouldn't deceive you. Virtual reality is gaining on other types of E-learning quicker than ever. However, the best aspect of virtual reality training is by far its ability to help users avoid injuries.

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