VR will create new jobs

VR Immersion Counselor – HR Job Of The Future

In August Harvard Business Review posted an interesting list of 21 HR jobs of the future. One of those jobs is VR Immersion Counselor. Below we’ll touch on what this person will be doing. We’ll also take a look at what other jobs lay in the VR space for your right now.

What does a VR Immersion Counselor do?

As meetings and trainings continue to go virtual, there will be a new role created called the VR Immersion Counselor. This role would help realize the potential of using virtual reality to scale training programs for a number of use cases, including onboarding, coaching, reskilling, upskilling, and even medical, and safety training.

H&R Block is an example of a company that has already been using virtual reality simulations to train customer service representatives to de-escalate customer interactions. By practicing how to respond to difficult customer questions in a virtual reality simulation, the company has seen a 50% decrease in dissatisfied customers with 70% of H&R Block customer service representatives preferring virtual reality simulations to traditional forms of learning. Already, research from ABI, sees the VR training market reaching $6.3 billion by 2022.

The position can also be seen as a very specialized version of an educational technologist. An educational technologist is someone trained in the field of educational technology. Educational technologists try to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate processes and tools to make learning easier.

An HR job of the future is also VR Immersion Counselor

What other jobs lay in the VR space?

Most popular jobs that touch virtual reality today are tied to content creation. People that have training in Unity3D are possibly the most wanted professionals in the industry. They are responsible for developing the foundation of a VR game and/or application.

Applications would be completely unusable without a user interface. As a result, it is only logical that there is a need for highly qualified UX/UI designers. A good UX/UI designer should be experienced and familiar with the latest trends and technologies in UI. Apart from skills in storyboard creation and user flow prototype models, knowledge of Unity 3D, Maya, and Photoshop skills are a must.

A VR Sound Effects Specialist is an expert who creates original audio suitable for virtual reality apps and games. As we mentioned, virtual reality is the creation of an environment by imitating a real-time surrounding. However, VR does not only depend on the visual component. If you want to achieve the feeling of a second reality than stimulating all human senses is crucial.