An Overview of the Immersive Technology Powering the Metaverse

A woman in the Metaverse

‍The Metaverse is powered by immersive technology which is another term for extended reality or spatial computing technologies. These terms can be used interchangeably to refer to the spectrum of VR, AR, and XR technology. The word “immersive” is indicative of the engaging nature of the experiences that these technologies create, and their ability to …

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How To Use VR To Improve Customer Experience

A woman in white tank top using black laptop computer with vr to improve customer experience

From a relatively niche entertainment utility, it is now being used to enhance customer support, and such companies as OnePlus are integrating it into their marketing strategies. It is thus vital to analyze how VR can improve customer experience, and how this innovative new front can be used to the mutual benefit of companies and customers.

4 steps for L&D professionals to implement VR in learning

A female employee using virtual reality goggles for corporate training

VR has been changing the field of L&D for quite some time now. This immersive technology with an ability to provide unique, real-world experience has been often addressed as »the future of L&D«. Though, it can only become the future if L&D professionals know how to implement it correctly.

Building Engaging Training Content On A Small Budget

Two people discussing training content budget

If there is a universal truth when it comes to successful companies, it is that well-trained employees are one of the essential assets. Regardless of the current situation of your company, try not to neglect the long-term implications of such decisions. Especially while having in mind that building engaging training content on a small budget can be both a simple and an effective way to improve the skills and knowledge of your employees.

How To Build Engaging Training Content With A Small L&D Team

Small L&D team discussing how to build engaging training content

An important side effect of our fast-moving society is that micro and informal learning content is proliferating just as quickly inside your organization as it is outside. The good thing about technological progress is that today it’s not necessary to have a large L&D team to create engaging training content that your employees will love. Whatever format you decide to use, just keep a few basic principles in mind to create engaging learning and development content.

Millennials: Best Ways To Train The Digital Native Generation

A Millenial holding a smartphone

Millennials are changing the workplace, and they are doing so in large numbers. Born between 1980 and 2000, millennials are now the largest portion of workers, and they demand a different workplace than the generations before them. Millennials aren’t much on loyalty to an organization. They often prefer electronic communication to face time. They value work/life balance, and they want to work for companies they like as consumers.