Adding a 3D model to a 360 video

How To Add 3D Models To Your 360 Videos And Images?

Viar360 now also supports 3D models which means you are able to place 3D objects into your 360 scenes. With this, we’re blurring the lines between cinematic and computer-generated virtual reality. Viar360 currently only supports .FBX file types of 3D models. We will expend the support in the future, but FBX is the easiest to get started with as the actual 3D model and its textures are all compressed in one file. If your 3D model is in some other format, you can use a 3D model converter to save it as an FBX file. You can watch the quick tutorial or the full webinar below to learn more about this interesting feature.

5-minute tutorial on how to use 3D objects

Wondering where to find 3D models. Then read our previous blog post where we list more than 30 websites with free 3D models.

Watch the full webinar about 3D models