Rapid Prototyping in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been a hot trend this year. But even though we are finally overcoming the lack of quality content, we are still completely green at it. The companies that can afford to create amazing VR experiences are the ones with large budgets and a pool of expert developers. Big VR projects are extremely complex projects that require an enormous amount of time. Therefore we should tackle it with rapid prototyping.

What can you do in the shortest amount of time? If you’re a freelancer or smaller studio, you don’t have the luxury of throwing money at the problem. Especially, if you don’t have a technical background, you should look into rapid prototyping. What the heck is that?

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When you tackle a big project, you have to take it to step by step and have a plan of action. Good writers have an outline for their book or big article, professional athletic teams have a playbook and filmmakers have a storyboard. But how you come up with a storyboard for a Virtual Reality project? It’s a completely new medium with a new set of rules (or lack of them) and challenges.

Since VR production is still such a novelty there hasn’t been a good solution yet. Sticky notes are a great way to start but they will only take you this far.

The biggest hurdle of getting into VR is the actual technical dependency. If you want to excel in filming Virtual Reality Experiences (especially those interactive ones) you will have to tackle CGI software such as Unreal EngineUnity3D, or Maya3D. But this software isn’t exactly catered to live-action VR experiences. And even if you’d like to use it to mock up a story, this program takes hundreds of hours of practice until you become a proficient user. Time is a luxury most of us don’t have. Creativity and technical expertise aren’t often correlated.

For a traditional filmmaker who is transitioning from Live Action to Virtual Reality, that is a big issue. Not only she has to learn the rules of the new medium. Let’s not forget, the immersive environment doesn’t have a 4th wall or even cinematography. But as an experienced and creative person, you do have a knack for crafting an amazing story. So how can we help with getting started with an amazing VR story? We let you prototype as fast as possible without using any coding on your part.

Using Viar360 is a breeze. You upload all your 360 content from images to videos. Once uploaded you’re able to connect them into a story using transitional hotspots and interactive informational hotspots and Point of Views to create a narrative of the story.