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Effective And Innovative Uses Of Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality is one of the most buzzing technologies that exist in the contemporary world. Gamers and various gadget-hounds are getting their hands on a wide-array of virtual reality-based technologies. But, do you know that it is just not just limited to entertainment and gaming. Do you know that you can use this technology to treat various diseases and for manufacturing a car? Oh, yes that’s absolutely possible! There are many sectors in which this amazing technology is just raising the flag.

And today I am here to enlighten you regarding the various such unique and outstanding techniques of using this awesome technology where anything virtual feels like completely real. You can use this knowledge at any point of time whenever you need.

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This industry adopted the virtual reality technology in an intrinsic manner where some high-grade institutions are using the images which have been generated by a computer to do any diagnosis. The virtual reality simulations actually use diagnostic images from CAT scans to form various 3D models of a patient’s anatomy. The absolutely high-tech virtual reality models help both the new and experienced surgeons to ensure the position of any tumor or cyst. If you remember we wrote about how VR education in health and medical field would prevent a lot of issues.

Space research

The great scientists at NASA are into one of the toughest missions and that is to search for the existence of life on other planets. And for that, they’re looking into this cut-edge technology to control various robots on Mars and also providing the astronauts with the ways to de-stress. At the jet propulsion laboratory of NASA, researchers connected the oculus rift with the motion sensing equipment Xbox one and Kinect2 sensor to console an arm of the robot through the operator’s gestures.

Nasa uses VR training for astronauts


The automotive industry doesn’t only use VR technology for designing but also uses this to educate people. As for example, Toyota is using Oculus headsets to teach the teenagers and their parents about distracted driving. The various immersive experiences by VR headsets have changed the face of education totally towards a new phase. Toyota officials further claimed that VR technology can make field trips and simulations of complicated concepts accessible to the people of all age group which in-turn can make cognitive learning efficient, effective and fast.

Mental health

With various guided meditation VR program, it is possible for the users to find the perfect and happy place to meditate by putting on their Oculus headset and unwind themselves in the relaxing environments. This technology can also be used as a therapeutic tool to treat those people who experience various types of phobias, panic disorders etc.

Military and defense

The military associations can use various virtual-reality simulators to train soldiers before getting them deployed. Various non-commercial forms of VR games built with Unity 3D or Unreal can be used to prepare troops for any kind of combat. The armies are allowed to use game-like simulations to practice how to work together in various environments which have been replicated realistically. And moreover, the immersive environment is very much necessary because the training which can capture a learner’s attention is often retained for a longer period of time and even understood in a better way.


Virtual reality can be used to include a lot of culture in our lives. This technology can lead the users to land at multiple far-away places all at a once. So, if you’ll visit such a museum, you can be sure enough that you can have a glimpse of Louvre in Paris, Acropolis in Athens all in a single day. Moreover, it’s a true fact that a wide array of museums already collaborated with various developers so that they can create virtual spaces where people can relish the various physical collections of museums.

So, Are you someone who is related to health-industry, defense or any kind of noble educational work? But, you haven’t known about such exhilarating uses of virtual technology in those sectors yet then I am sure that the time which you’ve spent in reading the aforementioned points will not at all go in vain. Last but not least, just make use of this wonderful technology and see a tremendous difference!