Virtual Reality, Drones and the Future

When we talk about virtual reality and shooting 360˚ videos you will stumble on different ways of capturing live content. One of the more exciting ones is aerial drone capture. Just a quick plug – last night we were having a few beers with the boys from 360 Labs from Portland. The toys they use and masterful production is something you’ll have to consider if you need top-notch content.

But I digress… This time we have a guest post and a nifty infographic that will introduce you to the power of drones. Drones have already entered our lives and are gaining popularity in different industries.

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When a disaster strikes, there can be thousands, if not millions, of people who are without basic supplies. They need help and Google has found a way to help people who are cut off from the rest of the world. They are using Project Wing. This drone can take off vertically and has fixed wings. It can carry packages underneath it that can be delivered to a wide area. In 2017, it is expected that the company will be launching this fleet commercially if legal regulations go according to plan.

They recently did a trial run of the system in 2016 by delivering burritos to Virginia University students to show that the devices and the system could operate safely and securely in a high-population area. The students loved it and the project was a huge success.

How do burritos help save lives? Well, by testing this out, the company now knows that it is viable and it won’t be long before Project Wing is delivering food, emergency supplies, water and batteries to emergency workers who are in disaster areas.

This just shows how much the world is changing because of drones. It may be possible that one day, the drone will be as common as the car. We could have hundreds of drones flying through our skies, delivering supplies, transporting things, and keeping us all safe.

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