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What Impact Will VR Have on Education?

Virtual reality has, without a doubt, changed the way we define computer technology. Reality is, indeed, relative, but, VR systems really managed to prove that there are no boundaries to the way we delineate what’s real and what …


How VR is transforming data visualization

When we think of how we visualize data, we generally think of the usual suspects: pie charts, scatter plots, histograms, bar graphs, and more. Data science has tremendously raised the quality of visualizations, offering a broad spectrum of …


The Future of Virtual Reality and Video Games

Virtual reality (VR) is no longer niche. VR applications are evolving fast, and they are penetrating many industry sectors. From healthcare to the automotive industry, VR is changing the way things are done, and expectations for the future …


Why Nonprofits Need to Embrace VR

Using virtual reality to advertise a nonprofit is a great way to stand out from the crowd. The lowering cost of equipment and the curiosity behind emerging technologies makes the VR marketing idea seem quite attractive. Most nonprofits …


The Future of Virtual Reality [infographic]

Virtual reality (VR) is an innovation which enables a client to connect with a PC reproduced condition, be it a genuine or envisioned one. Most present virtual reality situations are principally visual encounters, showed either on a PC screen …